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LB40 0.4KW


  • Outlet – 40 mm (1-1/4 in.), 50 mm (2 in.), and 80 mm (3 in.).
  • Cast iron construction – superior heat dissipation.
  • Heat treated 410 stainless steel shaft.
  • Double mechanical seals (Carbon-Ceramic + Carbon-Ceramic) in oil chamber.
  • Dynamically balanced cast iron impeller.
  • Oil-free motor, 1 & 3 phase, with built-in thermal protector.
  • Max. liquid temperature: 40°C (104°F).
  • Standard cable: 6 m (20 ft.) or longer upon request.
  • Tethered float switch is available: LB-25A,…,LB-315A(T)


DAB VertyNova


DAB VertyNova submersible pump is ideal for many domestic sump applications. Its integrated float switch makes it the perfect pump to use in sumps as small as 20cm x 20cm. The VertyNova can be used in manual (suction capability of 2mm – 3mm water) or automatic mode, by means of a knob that you push or pull. Excellent cooling of the motor enables the pump to operate even when it is partially submersible. The pump is supplied with power cable & plug, non-return valve and 4-step fitting to accommodate different hose sizes.

Max Flow: 11.5 m3/h
Max Head: 9m




This is the submersible range of the Grundfos AP35B stainless steel sewage and dirty water pumps.   Initially designed for pumping domestic wastewater from toilets, these pumps are versatile enough to include grey water pumping, stormwater pumping, emptying pools or construction site trenches and even pumping out from septic pits or washdown pits.   We supply the AP35B series in single phase 240v with an automatic on/off float switch, 3-pin plug with 10m of submersible rubber cable.   The outlet size is 50mm female BSP and the motor is 0.66 kW.

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